BSC Alumni

Zhou ephoto

Josie Zhou

Associate at McKinsey Shanghai Office

1. How did you find out about the Business of Science Center?

I learned about it from my enrollment in the Business of Science course; the Business of Science Center was just starting up back then.

2. Why were you interested in the Business of Science Center?

As a Ph.D. student, I was always interested in how to translate science and commercialize technologies. The Business of Science Center provided the opportunity to learn about this complex process and meet mentors, academics, and physicians who are engaged in technology ventures.

3. What was it that compelled you to attend the meetings and get involved?

I was inspired by the great people, amazing opportunities to get involved, and exposure to real-life business people and activities.

4. What skills did you gain/strengthen by participating in the BSC?

Participating in the BSC has given me confidence and honed my communication skills needed in pursuing my career path. As I worked in teams with students and outside experts, effective communication was imperative to successful teamwork. I benefited from the many opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds, and learned new business strategies for technology ventures while sharpening my networking skills.

5. What transferable skills do students gain from participating in the BSC activities (venture teams, competition, weekly meetings, events, etc.)?

With the venture team and Knapp competitions, I cultivated invaluable skillsets as I faced the challenges of pursuing the commercialization process. Not only was I able to integrate my science background with the business elements, I also developed great teamwork skills and leadership.

I strongly encourage students with an open mind about entrepreneurship and industry to take advantage of what the BSC has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you learn and grow here!