BSC Weekly Meeting > Dr. Chih-Ming Ho

  • Tuesday, January 27, 2015
  • 11:30-12:30
  • BSRB room 154
  • Los Angeles, CA

We will hear presentations on technologies from Dr. Chih-Ming Ho labs for the Venture Team program. We will be forming interdisciplinary teams of students to investigate the potential business opportunities around those technologies. If the opportunity interests you, please reply to this message or tell us in person.

Dr. Chih-Ming Ho
Feedback System Control (FSC)
The major medical conditions of our generation, such as cancer, infections, inflammation, and others, are increasingly being addressed via combinatorial therapy. However, these combinations are designed using additive strategies that inherently preclude treatment optimization. The Feedback System Control is a hybrid analytical/experimental platform aimed to rationally design and optimize therapeutic drug combinations, and is applicable to virtually any disease. This powerful approach allows achieving specific therapeutic outcomes at maximal levels, such as tumor reduction, broad elimination of toxicity, overcoming resistance, and other treatment challenges simultaneously.