BSC Weekly Meeting: Dr. Ozcan Laboratory and Dr. Jalali Laboratory

  • Tuesday, October 15, 2013
  • 11:30-12:30
  • UCLA
    BSRB 154
  • ,
Please join us , October 15th at 11:30 am in BSRB 154. We will have two UCLA faculty present their technologies to the class. If you are interested in the technology presented, you can join a Venture Team to explore the feasibility and commercialization potential of the technology. Your participation in a Venture Team will count towards our Certificate Program.
Dr. Ozcan Laboratory 
BigFoot is analysis, monitoring, tracking, and sharing of biomedical features of human appendages using consumer-grade home and office based imaging devices.  Bigfoot promises to provide discreet, in home health monitoring by analyzing the soles of a patient’s feet. Many diseases manifest themselves by changes in the skin. Diabetes, for example, results in poor circulation in the extremities. Long term, this poor circulation could lead to loss of limb. Bigfoot may be able to help monitor and prevent this negative outcome.
Dr. Jalali Laboratory 
FIRE (Fluorescent Imaging using Radiofrequency-tagged Emission)
FIRE is a radiofrequency communications approach to high-speed fluorescence microscopy. Dr. Jalali Laboratory has developed a new method for rapid flow cytometry. These researchers have borrowed methods from the telecommunication industry, using lasers at different frequencies to rapidly excite fluorescent molecules in the cells that tag different processes. It is hoped that his new method can help researchers understand cell behavior, speeding up drug discovery or gaining new insight on cancer biology
All are welcome! We look forward to working together to support innovation and entrepreneurship at UCLA.