BSC Weekly Meeting: Haptic Deedback Device and Promising Treatment for Cancer

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2012
  • 11:30-12:30
  • UCLA
    BSRB 154
  • ,
We will discuss two new technologies on Tuesday focusing on a haptic feedback device and a promising treatment for cancer. You can find summaries of the technologies here and here. After a brief overview of the projects, we will have a group vetting session regarding their respective IP and competitive market positions as well as avenues to commercialization. We will then form venture teams to perform a more thorough due diligence and work closely with the inventors.
Finally, we will discuss opportunities to take previous venture team projects to the next stage.
  • Discuss Novel Tactile Interface System for Remote Sensory Processes
  • Discuss Small Molecules that Target Cancer Stem Cells for the Treatment of Cancer
  • Post Venture Team Follow Up Opportunities