BSC Weekly Meeting: Jason Jolly

  • Monday, July 30, 2012
  • 11:30-12:30
  • UCLA
    CHS 33-245
  • ,
This week we have a special guest joining us in Jason Jolly. Jason received his MBA from our very own Anderson School of Management and has worked for Hewlett-Packard, Abbott Laboratories, and most recently served as Chief Operating Officer at the Sports Concussions Institute in Los Angeles.
With his diverse and multifaceted experience taking products out of the lab and into the marketplace, Jason will be sharing some of his perspectives on how research is conducted and products are developed within corporations and how this approach compares to that in academia.  Many of us can benefit from learning how to balance our desire to continue researching advancements with the business challenges of launching a product.  Understanding these often-conflicting issues will help us analyze the fruitful business potential that lies under our noses and prepare us to make the decisions necessary to be successful. As Jason learns more about the BSC, we are lucky to gain from his inside knowledge to strengthen the pursuit of our goals and ventures.

Meeting Agenda  I. BSC Updates

SocalBio Announces 3 BSC Venture Teams in November Conference line-up

II. Technology Update from Amy Rowat–  Come learn the latest on the development of Dr. Rowat’s high-throughput microfluidics technology. Click on the link provided below to learn more about Dr. Rowat and her work at UCLA.

III. Jason Jolly- Join in on a relevant business discussion with Jason as he shares his knowledge from industry and reflects on how the BSC can make the most out of its valued MBAs and maximize our business potential in the lab.