UCLA OIP Seminar on Small Molecules

  • Thursday, June 07, 2012
  • 2:00 pm-3:30 pm
  • CNSI Auditorium
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Not all patents are the same.  Patent strategies and the requirement of what constitutes a complete application differ from one field of invention to another.

UCLA Office of Intellectual Property (OIP) partners with Venable LLP to bring to UCLA inventors a seminar on patenting therapeutic small molecule inventions and uses thereof.  This subject matter specific seminar (drugs, biomarkers, cell therapy) is part of a series of seminars OIP hopes inventors working on the respective subject matters can attend so that inventors recognize how they can contribute to strengthening patent rights.  This ranges from providing the information that is needed to meet certain statutory requirements of patentability (written description and enablement) to brainstorming different permutations of the invention, including consideration on what the product deriving from the invention constitutes, potential modifications that may yield the same intended results, and future products or uses.   This contribution and cooperation by inventors are important as we move towards a first to file system (effective March 16, 2013) where we have to balance filing early versus having a complete application that meets the patentability requirements.     This session will focus on pharmaceuticals,  following a typical discovery-to-development scenario, from turning a target associated with a disease into  a screening assay, to identifying active organic compounds, and developing methods of using them.  The types of information most relevant to patenting valuable inventions will be discussed for each stage.