BSC Venture Team Competition 2015

  • Thursday, October 08, 2015
  • 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Tamkin Auditorium
  • 757 WestWood Plaza
  • Los Angeles , CA 90095
2015 BSC VT Competition Flyer
Venture Team Program

University research traditionally impacts society by being published and expanding our knowledge of the world. Some technologies, however, deserve to be developed into products that meet the needs of patients, physicians, and customers. With this goal in mind, the BSC’s Venture Team Program forms multidisciplinary teams of graduate students to address early questions about the commercial potential of university technologies. Each team analyzes an invention’s competitive landscape, investigates potential business models, and identifies pathways to market. Students receive guidance from the inventors as well as mentorship from industry professionals.


The BSC has received more than 100 proposals over four years from PIs and UCLA clinicians requesting Venture Team formation to assist with their technologies. Over 40 Venture Team feasibility studies of UCLA technologies have been performed, and even more PIs have received assistance, advice, and education from the BSC. Last year, 49 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from the biological sciences, medicine, engineering, business, and law gained experience working in Venture Teams and evaluating the translational potential of UCLA technologies.




The most promising Venture Teams are accepted into our annual Venture Competition for an opportunity to receive $30,000 in proof-of-concept funding and other support to further their technologies towards commercialization. With the guidance of industry mentors, teams complete a comprehensive market analysis and pitch their business plans to investors. A panel of judges representing academic and non-academic sectors assesses the venture pitches and chooses a winner to receive the seed-funding prize. This process is highly valuable to participants as it directly reflects the process of pitching ventures for investment in the commercial sector.