BSC Weekly Meeting > Dr. Teplow

  • Tuesday, January 20, 2015
  • 11:30 am-12:30 pm
  • BSRB room 154
  • Los Angeles, CA

We will hear presentations on technologies from Dr.David Teplow’s labs for the Venture Team program. We will be forming interdisciplinary teams of students to investigate the potential business opportunities around those technologies. If the opportunity interests you, please reply to this message or tell us in person.

Dr. David Teplow
Fungal Immunosuppressive Compounds
Endophytes, microorganisms that reside in the tissues of living plants, are relatively unstudied and potential sources of novel natural products for exploitation in medicine, agriculture, and industry. Some of these substances have potential uses in medicine and agriculture, such as antibiotics, antioxidants and immunosuppressants. A specific compound extracted from the fungal endophyte reveals strong similarities to cyclosporin A, an important immunosupressive drug that has severe side effects.

Researchers at UCLA have isolated a novel compound from an endophytic fungal microbe in a tropical rainforest that is a more effective immunosupressant and has much lower toxicity compared to existing immunosupressants used in clinical practice. In particular, this novel compound has strong ability to inhibit the production of IL-2 from activated CD4 T cells.