BSC Weekly Meeting > Beyond Your Degrees

  • Tuesday, February 17, 2015
  • 11:30 am -12:30 pm
  • BSRB room 154
  • 615 Charles E Young Drive
  • Los Angeles, CA 90095

On Tuesday, February 17th during our BSC Weekly Meeting, we will have a panel of recent graduates join us for a discussion. They will share their experiences at the companies they’ve work for, what lead them to choose their fields, their recruiting strategies, and tips for success after earning an advanced degree. We will have a moderated discussion. If you would like to submit questions beforehand, please do so here:

Jemima Escamilla, Ph.D.


Jemima is a venture analyst at Option3, LLC, a medical device incubator that focuses on fast to market devices. Prior to joining Option3, LLC she was a Fellow at UCLA’s MedTech Innovation Program (formerly known as Advancing Bioengineering Innovations). She completed her Bachelors degree and PhD studies in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology from UCLA. While at UCLA she was an active member of the Business of Science Center (BSC). Jemima has also worked as a freelance consultant and as a molecular biology lecturer at UCLA.

Nadia Sellami, Ph.D.


Nadia got her Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry at UCLA in the lab of Kathrin Plath after obtaining her M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in her home country, Germany.

During her time as a graduate student at UCLA, she realized that the lab was not the right fit for her personality, interests and ambitions, prompting her to explore career alternatives. During this search, she joined the BSC by first participating in the classes and programs and later on also as a volunteer and Biological Science Consultant.

Her experience with the BSC excited her about entrepreneurship and the business aspects of science and gave her the background she needed to successfully become a management consultant for life science companies at DeciBio Consulting. Nadia pursued consulting for about a year when she realized that she was still very passionate about science and teaching, the original reasons motivating her to enroll in a Ph.D. program as a means to an academic career path.

This passion then drove her to apply for academic positions with a teaching focus and Nadia will begin to teach molecular biology at UCLA this spring.

Nadia is happy to share her experiences in exploring career paths as well as application processes and work experiences with current students.

Patrick Sislian, Ph.D.


Patrick is Co-Founder and CEO of Deton Corp. Patrick’s goal is to be directly involved in medical device development to solve the world’s most pressing health problems. He completed his Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry and PhD studies in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from UCLA.

DeAnna Steiger, Ph.D.


DeAnna has held a series of roles in her professional career focused on Fundraising and Business Development. Most recently, DeAnna worked in the Business Development group at Amgen, and was a key member of the Business Development Operations team. In this role, she interacted with external business partners, reviewed and analyzed partnering opportunities across multiple therapeutic areas, and provided competitive intelligence reports to inform partnering strategy.

Prior to joining Amgen, DeAnna was a PhD student in the MCIP (Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology) program. During her graduate training, DeAnna won two Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for her research in cell signaling pathways underlying heart failure, bringing more than $100,000 into the laboratory of Yibin Wang in the David Geffen School of Medicine. Concurrent with her graduate work, DeAnna was part of the BSC Core team leading initiatives to foster entrepreneurship at UCLA. She wore many hats during her time at the BSC, including Marketing & Industry Outreach Coordinator and co-founder of AWiSE. In addition to her work at the BSC, DeAnna also acted as Sponsorship Director for the UCLA Triathlon team and was awarded Volunteer of the Year for her ability to develop a sponsor network for the team and raise funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. DeAnna also held professional roles in Development prior to UCLA, including Student Director of Fundraising at Pacific Lutheran University. In this role, she created development campaigns, set and surpassed fundraising goals, and managed a staff of 10 fundraisers. In addition to her work in Fundraising and Business development, DeAnna has also worked in secondary education, applied ecology, and adventure tourism.

When she is not working, DeAnna is busy chasing her two young children and enjoying life in Brentwood.