BSC mentors are life science and other industry professionals who are enthusiastic about mentoring faculty and graduate students and in commercializing UCLA technology.  There are several rewarding avenues in which to become involved with the BSC.

Venture Team Program

The BSC Venture Team program and annual competition assembles multidisciplinary teams of graduate students to conduct market feasibility studies of UCLA technologies with the guidance of faculty and industry mentors.  All of the technologies have IP protection and are available for licensing, and the annual competition in the spring provides visibility to potential licensees along with a cash prize to further develop the technology.  New Venture Teams in all areas of life science and technology are forming on a rolling basis and are actively looking for mentors in related industries.

MedTech Innovation Program

The MedTech Innovation (MTI) Program is a two-quarter graduate student course about entrepreneurship in the field of bioengineering and healthcare and has a strong “learn-by-doing” component. The primary objective of the course expects students to invent and develop medical device solutions that address real unmet needs identified within the UCLA Health System.  These solutions will be validated and guided by UCLA physicians and industry mentors over the course of the Winter and Spring classes.  Experienced medical device entrepreneurs and professionals with an interest in guiding new innovations are encouraged to participate as either a mentor and/or a guest speaker.