2013 Venture Team Competition Finalists

  • April 16, 2013

The Business of Science Center is pleased to announce the finalists of the 3rd annual Venture Team Competition. We would like to thank all Primary Investigators and student teams who participated in the Venture Team Program this past year for your hard work and collaboration on each project. Every year, we are more impressed by the quality of the technologies and the advancement of these exciting projects.

The 2013 Venture Team Competition will be held on May 20th. Each team will deliver an investment-style pitch to a panel of experienced judges who will evaluate the potential of the technologies. Teams will compete for the grand prize of $30,000 in proof-of-concept funds to accelerate the technology toward commercialization.

Congratulations, Finalists:

1. “Video-Guided Chest Tube Insertion System”
-Robert Cameron MD

2. “Improved Cast”
-Ben Wu DDS, PhD; Emily Loughran, MBA

3. “Superalarms-Predictive Combination of Alarms”
-Xiao Hu, PhD

4. “Breast Support and Immobilization Device for Radiotherapy”
-Ke Sheng, PhD

5. “3D Transurethral Catheter-Based Ultrasound System for Multi-Modal Fusion in Prostate Imaging”
-Martin Culjat, PhD

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