2013 Venture Team Competition Summary

  • May 22, 2013

The BSC would like to thank all those in attendance at our third annual Venture Team Competition. The judging panel was pleased with the quality of the presentations from the five finalist pitches. After careful deliberation, the video-guided chest-tube insertion, “Visitube” team led by Robert Cameron M.D. was chosen to receive the grand prize of $30,000 in proof-of-concept funding.


This year, the people’s choice was awarded to the breast support and immobilization device “Airfix” team led by Ke Sheng Ph.D. We look forward to the continued success of the teams and would like to thank all judges, sponsors, faculty, and students for your participation.


Grand Prize: “Visitube”


Robert Cameron, Supin Chen, Saina Ghandchi, Derek Wang

 People’s Choice: “Airfix”


Aida Attar, Raj Pai, Greg Bare, Ke Sheng, (not pictured Jingying Xu)