Job Opening for Advanced Concepts Scientist

  • April 14, 2015

Advanced Concepts team will be hiring 2 scientists starting July 1st, 2015.  They are looking for PhDs from any scientific background (polymer chemistry is a plus).  PhDs must have a good blend of science and business understanding, and the job is located in Minnesota. Please email Samantha at SamanthaLe@mednet[dot]ucla[dot]com if you’re interested.

The Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) will be developing and evaluating technologies that are 5+ years out from product feasibility starting July 1st.  ACT will solely be focused on transformational technologies that can have a major impact in the cardiovascular space.   ACT projects will:

  1. Solve large unmet medical needs in the cardiovascular space
  2. Have a radical technological solution that is understood enough such that  concept feasibility is viable

ACT will focus on ‘connecting dots differently’ by pulling from different fields and rethinking current treatment paradigms.  ACT will drive concepts through determination of feasibility.  To do this, ACT will leverage the skillsets of the diverse team, connections with academia, and contractors to develop proof of concepts for these new devices and technologies.


•Identify unmet medical needs in the cardiovascular spaceThis will be done through observation, conference attendance, literature review, and customer interactions.

•Validate need by working with the market expansion team, sales, marketing, and gathering KOL feedback

•Identify new and emerging technologies that have the potential to be used in the cardiovascular space

•This will include monitoring university IP, scientific articles, attending conferences, and identifying early stage startups

•Provide foundational research on emerging technologies to the larger organization

•Ideate on how to apply emerging technologies to address an unmet medical need

•Develop, lead, and drive the execution of proof of concept plans for solutions to an unmet medical need

•Proof of concept can include benchtop and preclinical studies

•Utilize resources within the company as well as external resources

•Participate in the creation of value propositions and business rationale for promising concepts.

•Work cooperatively with market expansion team, corporate development, regulatory, clinical, engineering, marketing, and other key stakeholders

•Strengthen ties and relationships with academics and thought leaders

•Help to develop sponsored research programs

•Evaluate and recognize market changes and threats within the cardiovascular space

•Travel approximately 15% of the time for conferences, research, etc.