MGMT 180-Business Plan Development

  • March 14, 2013

Information Session for “MGMT 180 – Business Plan Development”

Thursday March 14, 2013, 5:15 PM – 6 PM

Location:  D-310 Cornell (Anderson complex)

Professor Wilson will provide a brief overview of this new class offering on business plan development and answer any questions students may have.  This event also provides an opportunity to network with fellow students interested in the class.  All majors are welcome.

Course Description

This course presents the fundamentals of developing an effective business plan, both in presentation and written form. It teaches the basic principles of designing and articulating plans for the sales, marketing, product or service, operations, financials, management and staffing functions of a new startup business.

The Business Plan Development course objectives are for students to: learn how to develop a well written investment quality business plan and business plan presentation; understand the various analytical processes required to produce such a plan; improve their writing and oral presentation skills; and to formally present their business plan to an audience of angel and venture capital investors.

Teams will consist of four or five students to develop a business plan. Students can either form teams ahead of time or sign up individually and join teams on the first day of class.  Students are encouraged to develop plans for their own personally initiated ventures.  Before the start of the term, students can e-mail Prof. Wilson a brief (less than one page) executive summary describing their business idea.  In addition to student generated ideas, the professors will provide additional potential business ideas for teams to consider.  On the first day of class, students with a business idea will present it to the class to try and build a team.  If they cannot recruit a full team to join them in their venture, the student will join another team.