Opportunity at the Kavli Foundation

  • February 05, 2015

The Kavli Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization dedicated to the advancement of science for the benefit of humanity. A core part of our mission is bringing together top scientists, policy makers and executives for events that have as their aim catalyzing scientific insight and accelerating research progress. These include scientific meetings, workshops, award ceremonies and special events. Thus the Kavli Foundation is currently looking for a Science Program Associate. The Science Program Associate is responsible for planning these events and ensuring they are executed in an organized and timely manner. For all events, the Science Program Associate serves as the key point of contact between the Foundation and the outside participants, advisors and vendors.

Meetings convened by The Kavli Foundation occur in response to changing scientific and policy landscapes, and thus often progress swiftly from inception to implementation. Working with Foundation staff, the Program Associate will draw on his or her scientific training to quickly and efficiently research and identify scientist who can productively contribute to meetings; contribute to discussions of scientific content, including considerations of timing and scope of scientific meetings; and handle all logistical arrangements, including arrangements for meeting venues as well as travel, lodging and accommodations for all participants. This position will also participate in publicizing Foundation events by developing promotional materials and contributing event updates for posting on the Foundation website. The Program Associate position is hands-on and typically involves working as a part of a team to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the event.

The position offers a unique training opportunity for individuals with a science background who are interested in exploring the development and implementation of science policy, science communication, and science philanthropy. The Kavli Foundation played a central role in the efforts that culminated in the April 2013 announcement of the BRAIN Initiative by President Obama, and currently supports ongoing projects that span scientific disciplines ranging from the Earth’s microbiomes to the exoplanetary search for life. This position reports to: Miyoung Chun, Executive Vice President of Science Programs.

Additional detailed information on the position here.