VITALS: UCLA Anderson Healthcare Conference 2019

  • January 24, 2019

ITALS: UCLA Anderson Healthcare Conference 2019

The UCLA Anderson HBA Healthcare Conference is one of the largest university-led healthcare events in Southern California, connecting 300+ business professionals, students and members of academia. Panels and keynotes feature marquee executives, thinkers and practitioners from a diversity of organizations influencing the future of healthcare.

VITALS 2019: Intersections of Healthcare

Healthcare, one of today’s most debated topics, intersects with the technology, finance, public policy, social impact and retail industries. These intersections influence everything from patient experience to pharmaceutical pricing and shape how consumers interact with the healthcare system. This conference will provide education about the changes coming to the healthcare industry as a result of these dynamic connections. We would like to thank our sponsors, Amgen, DaVita, Edwards Lifesciences, PwC, Microvention, and GLG.

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