MedTech Innovation Program

The MedTech Innovation Program addresses challenges in biomedical device and diagnostics development by bringing together focused multi-disciplinary teams. The teams are comprised of UCLA Ph.D., MBA, law, and medical students who work closely with design students, clinicians, bioengineers, business, and life science faculty, as well as leading industry experts. The BSC provides teams with the support system to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, connecting them with academic and industry experts for guidance and domain-specific expertise.

UCLA provides a unique venue wherein a diverse mix of talent, facilities, and information resources are located in close proximity, which fosters a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration advantageous to solving complex problems at an accelerated rate. The MTI Program supports the free exchange of ideas and skill-specific mentorship through its extensive network of gifted students, faculty, and clinical and industry experts.

Program Highlights

1.  Practicing clinicians and industry leaders describe significant impediments that are faced in current operations and treatment modalities
2.  Multi-disciplinary teams are formed to develop innovative solutions
3.  Faculty and industry mentors are assigned to each team
4.  Industry and academic leaders, as well as investors, evaluate each proposed solution
5.  The 8-10 technologies, developed over the duration of the course, will then be evaluated for patent protection and new venture formation

We are now accepting applications for our 2019 program.

To apply, please email your CV to: